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Spiritual Path, Photo © Copyright by Timothy Schoorel
Spiritual Path...
About the meetings

These are meetings where we go into the subject of free will and how the essense of Eastern and of Western Enlightenment are connected.

What are these Satsang Meetings all about?

During a Satsang Meeting we take a closer look at the ideas in your head. Most ideas are like a virtual prison because you believe that they're true. Without thoroughly investigating your concepts about the world and particularly "yourself" and finding out whether they're true or not, the doors of your imaginary prison are likely to stay closed. Neither will your heart be free because the space you give it is just very small.

All concepts, even so-called 'spiritual concepts', can become stumbling blocks on the road to Freedom. When a spiritual concept has become the basis of your life, you've bitten the finger pointing to Freedom and Love, but that Freedom and Love you seek is as far away as ever.

All bondage is on the most profound level imaginary. During a Satsang Meeting we therefor take a closer look at the concepts and beliefs that seem to limit you, and I'll ask you to 'see directly': leaving your concepts for what they are for a minute and looking into life with the eyes of a child. To discover your essentially limitless nature is not a complicated matter, the only thing that can make it complicated are conflicting and confusing concepts in your mind.

That's precisely why it can be fruitfull to come to a Satsang Meeting of Realised human being, particularly if he or she has the same cultural backgroung as you: he or she is familiar with your thoughts and concepts but at the same time is not limited by them. He or she is a free man or woman. That freedom can be yours too if you won't allow yourself to get discouraged while shamelessly looking for your essence. A Satsang Meeting is an encouragement on your spiritual path.