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Judi Rhodes

I finished the book. I truly loved it. The last few chapters were the icing on the cake! But the whole thing was excellent I thought, led up to it. What I really liked about it was that it is a book for everybody, not just for so-called spiritual seekers. I would be happy to give the book to my mother, my brother in law, etc. Also, it cuts through all the crap that the 'seekers' carry around. Back to basics. Clarity and hope at its simplest.

Samantha Kroeger

Some pieces of text are mind-blowing, like a cool breeze stroking your hair, relieving you from fear and pain, leaving you in a relaxed state of excitement.

Rebecca Slater

Useless pieces of false information ;-)

Steve Ormerod

An exhilirating eye-opener.

Robert-Jan Elias

When I first saw this book I didn't really like the 'american-style' backcover and had some problems with terms like 'paradigm-shifts'. But then I started reading and after a few pages all my doubts were gone. This book turned out to be a true gem! How can a guy talk about such subtle things in such a down-to-earth manner? Well, I've read it twice by now, and I'm certain I'll read it again. This is Freedom wrapped in words!"


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1. Clarity
2. Unicity
3. Innocence
4. Consciousness
5. Alive Silence
6. Truth
7. Spontaneity