E-book - Unicity - Separation: The ultimate myth

Separation is imagined

The North and South Poles, the two poles of the earth, are not antagonistic: they are part of one earth. The truth is the one earth, not two separate, divided poles. The separation is imagined, existing only in man's mind. The truth is one body, you cannot think of your left arm as separate from your body. Of course, language divides: we can indicate our left arm separately, but does that divide the body into separate parts? Though language splits things up, life is a unicity.

Concepts create an artificial separation: north and south, left and right, you and I, they and we, objectivity and subjectivity, a multitude of separate seconds. And we've accepted the idea of separation, as though it is real. We take it to be a real separation. Separation is a presumption with no roots in reality. It's a fake principle because it is never true, not even possible. In life, in the most fundamental sense, nothing can truly be separate, and nothing is truly separable. Consider the opposite: everything is fundamentally separate. Every atom, every cell of your body, all of humanity, every piece of land on the planet, every millisecond in time, all is fundamentally divided. Every wave of the ocean, every leaf of a plant. Do you think you exist separately from the world you live in? You need the warmth of the sun, the oxygen, the food. We are what we eat, literally. We are made out of our environment.


'Unicity' is a word scarcely used, and not found in many dictionaries. But it aptly describes inseparability in an affirmative way. The word 'unity' still has the possibility in it of separation: a marriage is a unity, but separation is possible. Unicity is different, it means that there is not even a possibility of separation: more like a mother who simply won't be separated from her child. The way unicity is used here, is in a most literal sense: in life, true separation just is not possible. You cannot separate the roots of a tree from the fruit it bears; you cannot see the earth existing separately from the sun.

Things can appear to be separable or separate, but that is how it appears, it is not a reality. A wave of the ocean certainly looks separate from other waves of the ocean: there's an apparent separation. The reality however, is the one ocean with ripples on its surface that we call waves. Life is like an ocean and all separation is imagined, apparent maybe, but not in any sense a fundamental truth. Separation is a fake principle, whether we have bought into the concept of separation as a truth, or not. A mistake repeated over and over again is still a mistake, even after centuries and generations. For generations we believed the earth to be flat, and apparently it is! But the reality of it is different. Separation is not a truth or true principle. Separation is the ultimate myth.


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