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The truth

A truth is not the truth. Anything can be a truth: you may have just had breakfast. Then the fact that you've had your breakfast is a truth. There are realities that we can call truths, e.g. for a woman alone certain parts of the city may not be very safe after midnight. Principles are more profound truths, the sun always rises in the east, whoever is watching the sunrise and whenever they are watching it. Two centuries ago the sun rose in the east too, and two centuries from now that will not have changed. But even though the sun always rises in more or less that same place, and we can therefor call that a truth, it is not the Truth.

Truth and reality

Asking "What is truth?", we are really asking "What is absolute truth?", "What is the truth of life and of existence?". What is the source of life, what is the truth of it, where does it come from? Our life itself is a reality but not absolute truth. We live about 100 years, and then it's over. Even our planet has a lifetime, it was born, and one day it will die. So how real, and how true is this reality?

Looking at life through the eyes of a human being, looking at it from within the human-paradigm, it looks very real. This is understandable because we are part and parcel of this relative existence. A relative being looking at a relative universe makes that universe look absolutely real, because that universe is at least as real as the being itself. I cannot say that this existence is not real, because I cannot deny my own existence.

From within the human-paradigm this existence looks as if it is absolute truth. But existence is not absolutely real, it is not absolute truth. One day it will undoubtedly collapse and die. We know that the universe was born one day, it didn't always exist. Whatever is born will die, it is not going to be here forever. The universe itself cannot be an exception. Existence, like everything that has evolved within it, is relatively real, relatively true.

Then is there an absolute truth? There is, but not within existence. How can there be a dream without a dreamer sleeping in his bed? How can there be a relative existence without absolute truth? But the dreamer himself cannot be found within the dream. The dreamer exists beyond the dream, the dreamer is the foundation of the dream. Truth cannot be found within existence, existence is found within truth. Reality is based in truth. This relative existence exists within absolute truth.

The Absolute

Truth cannot be destroyed, it cannot even be changed. It is the Absolute, that which never changes. It is true and unaffected even if the universe should collapse onto itself.

In order to talk and think about truth we have to use words, the concept of truth. But truth is the farthest thing from a concept or abstraction. Truth is not a philosophy, how can it be just a philosophy? Truth means that it is truth whether we have philosophies or not, whether we believe one thing, or something else. Truth is beyond beliefs and philosophies and our points of view. Truth was truth before human beings learned to stand on two legs. Truth is not an idea within the human mind, but the foundation of this existence.

The truth of your existence is really the truth of all existence, because such is the nature of truth: it cannot be monopolized by anyone. Truth is just the simple truth of the whole existence, otherwise what truth are we really talking about? Truth is the truth of you, of me, and of existence. Like water is the truth of the entire ocean, of one wave and of the next. When you come to the truth of you, you come to the truth of the whole existence.

A longing for truth

A deep, sincere longing for truth is not really a desire. It is not a desire because there is no personal motivation behind it. A desire is personally motivated, you hope to get better by its fulfillment. Or you are afraid of what could happen if your desire is not met. To be sincere means that you want to know the truth whatever it turns out to be. To long for truth is not personally motivated, you cannot predict whether the truth will make you happy, whether you will like it or not. You don't know what consequences it will have. Sincerity is when truth has become all-important. When truth is all-important, it is important for truth's sake, it is not a means to an end.

Truth liberates

Truth liberates. Even in small ways, like when we tell a small truth, it liberates us. When some small secret comes out, regardless of the consequences, it is always a relief! And truth is waiting to be found out! Truth always wants to come to light. Truth does not need to be created, but it wants to come to the light of our awareness. Waking up is possible, realizing truth is possible, and it sets you free. A small truth liberates a little, and a big truth liberates a lot. The more profound the truth you find, the more complete your freedom will be. The deeper the truth you come to know, the more complete your liberation. To find absolute truth is to find absolute freedom.


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