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Free of thought

Silence in your brain is not a dead silence, it's alive and awake. It is bubbling with aliveness. You are not silent because you are fast asleep. This is conscious silence, a volcanic silence! It is like the silence you can see in the eyes of a new born baby. Sometimes there is a silence between people who are in a relationship that has become stale. That is a dead silence. This is the silence that can exist between intimate lovers. Maybe you have noticed that after love-making, in the really intimate moments, a silence descended on you? This is the silence of true meditation too, it is not life-negative at all.

Just like music is a flow and can be so beautiful and moving, inner silence too is flowing, like a silent river, and it has a tremendous beauty. We are familiar with dead silences, the silence at funerals. This is completely different, this is invigorating.

The experience of conscious silence is like that of a cloudless sky, vast, serene, and ravishing. It is a wondrous delight to take a break from thinking. The blessedness and the sanity of it... With your mind in abeyance, life is seen without your mind's projections onto it. You begin to see life as it is. You exist in a new way, free of thought. Once you have learned how to have this conscious silence in your brain, you can be in a deep silence even when there is a lot of noise around you. In the absence of thought you discover a new existence. Silence functions as a backdrop, and all experience becomes more pronounced.

The blue sky

In silence you experience the unicity, the wholeness of life. For the first time, you can really see things undivided. In silence togetherness becomes possible, the mind stops and all separation drops away. Two people in conscious silence, no thoughts in their brains, pure presence, and all boundaries disappear. This is closeness, really being together. In fact, this is oneness, the unicity of life revealed. This is how you can understand each other, not through discussions and thoughts, but in silence. When two people have silence in their brain, there is an immediate understanding to which a mental understanding cannot compare. What a tremendous experience to be able to look each other in the eye and know that there is no separation. The joy of a deep recognition.

In silence you become aware of your conscious nature. Your thoughts have gone, but your consciousness remains. Clouds have gone, but the sky remains. As clouds disappear, suddenly the immovable blue sky becomes obvious. As thoughts disappear, suddenly your immovable consciousness becomes obvious. The blue sky was always there, but you were just seeing the clouds. Consciousness was always there, but you were just seeing thoughts.

Do clouds sometimes pass through the sky of consciousness? Do clouds have their own purpose to fulfil? They need to water the land, they provide our drinking water. But don't we long to see the blue sky too? It is not healthy, not natural to choke your sky of consciousness with dark clouds your whole life long. We were not aware of the blue sky, we have looked only at the clouds. We were not aware of consciousness, we have looked only at thoughts. With alive silence in your brain, this vast consciousness is revealed.


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