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Natural peace

How we feel emotionally depends on how successful we are in life. But we put too much weight and importance on feelings. Peace is not a feeling, it is not found in feelings, it is found in freedom. Without freedom, how can you be happy? How can you be joyous? Feelings and emotions are not as deep as we usually think they are. Compared to authentic peace they are not all that deep. In freedom there is natural peace. There's a deep synchronicity and understanding with life: somehow, you are humming the same song.

The question that matters

Without freedom we cannot be natural. We are restless, living as if there is always something urgent to attend to. We always have some excuse to keep ourselves occupied. Without freedom we are basically unable to relax in life. Without freedom there is simply no peace.

What do you think enlightenment actually is? You are still a fragile human being. Spirituality is not escapism. Enlightenment is not separate from ordinary, mundane life. You are just natural, even ordinary. An ordinary human being who has realized his absolute nature. You may have realized the Absolute, but you still need to make a living, you still love your friends, you still like music, you still pay the rent.

Being enlightened does not mean that you cannot be hurt or disappointed, or that all problems have magically disappeared from life. Life always has its own problems, even if you know that all is well. However, enlightenment does mean that your heart is free of conflict. The question is not how to be without problems, or how to never be hurt. The question that matters, is whether your heart is free!


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