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The earth as a ball

Paradigm-shifts are extremely interesting. In these moments, an individual or an entire society starts to perceive something in a radically new way. It is exiting! Making the shift from the flat-world paradigm to that of the earth as a ball must have been exhilarating! Remember the first man on the moon? That changed our paradigm of what was possible forever.

A real paradigm-shift can be hard to grasp at first. Imagine believing that the earth is flat for centuries... now someone comes along and propounds that the earth is round, and without solid evidence! It's hard to grasp, it's difficult to make that shift in perception and belief. Similarly, Einstein's theory of relativity could not be grasped by more than a handful of people when he first proposed it. Why? Not because in those days people were less intelligent. It's because a real paradigm-shift is a transition to a completely new way of understanding things. The whole idea was completely new and foreign. And a paradigm is a global, far-reaching belief. A paradigm-shift is radical, not a minor shift in perception and understanding. A true paradigm-shift is mind-blowing.

A different world

The paradigm we use has serious consequences for our way of living. Even though not many of us have deep scientific understanding, newtonian physics has created a world-view where everything is explainable, understandable, and controllable. The mystery of life and living is almost nullified. The deeper understanding of quantum physics is reviving a lost sense of mystery, and of being part of that mystery, not just a cold observer. Because we still see few applications of quantum physics in everyday life, it has yet to produce a collective paradigm-shift. But as we see more and more quantum-based technologies around us, the newtonian world-view will be replaced by the quantum-paradigm, the quantum world-view.

A paradigm-shift means that you have come to a deeper understanding, which doesn't necessarily make the old paradigm wrong or useless. Newtonian physics is still used because often the newtonian way of looking at things is still very helpful. But we now know that newtonian physics is not the truth of the matter, and the paradigm of quantum physics offers solutions where newtonian physics is of no help at all.

Because a paradigm is our world-view, a paradigm-shift instantly affects our entire lives. The consequences of a paradigm-shift are enormous. To deepen our understanding is to change the paradigm, and to change the paradigm is to live in a different world.


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