E-book - Innocence - Original Innocence

Our original nature

Man is absolutely innocent, born in complete innocence. If anything is original, it's innocence, not sin. Looking at babies and children, we see a striking innocence. No matter what race, what country, or what religion the child is born into, we can see innocence in their eyes. We are born into the world without knowing why, how, what, when or where, completely innocent. That's why we love children, they demonstrate our original nature, our own innocence.

Deep scientific research makes us appreciate the dimensions of this universe, it does not explain the mystery of being alive. Science is not conclusively answering life's questions and explaining life in as much as it is opening up new dimensions. In answering one question it inspires a hundred more questions that we did not have before. Our original innocence may be buried and forgotten, because all we ever think about now are stocks and bonds and politics. But our very existence is always a question, what do we really know about it? When it comes down to being alive, we are still new born babies, we know nothing.


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7 Principles
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Principles and Paradigms
1. Clarity
2. Unicity

3. Innocence
- Original Innocence
What is Forced Responsibility?
The Individual
Inresponsibility, not Irresponsibility
Ego and Psychological Liberation

4. Consciousness
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