E-book - Unicity - Not opposites but polarities

Duality is not separation

Life expresses itself in polarities; there is no other way. Life is duality. With heat there's freezing cold, with day night, with birth death. So everything is relative: when it's cold it can be colder still, or warmer, and hot and hotter still. It has to be this way, for how would you know what warmth is if everything always had the same temperature? How could I die without first being born? Life is always relative, with polarities at both ends of the relativity scale.

Polarities are not opposites, the North and South Poles are not antagonistic, not fundamentally separate, not opposites. They are polarities. And one polarity cannot be thought of as separate from the other. The South Pole is not the opposite of the North Pole. They are two polarities of one and the same planet. The two are supportive of a truth that transcends both. All polarities indicate a higher truth. Duality does not mean separation, it means life: day would lose its meaning without night. Life is the movement between polarities, and one polarity gives the other its meaning.


Life is one inseparable totality, the whole spectrum. This is what spirituality means: a love for life, a love for the whole phenomenon in its entirety. Unicity and totality go together. The beauty of a flower disappears as it is cut into pieces. The totality of the flower, the complete, living flower can never be understood by studying its parts separately. To try and separate death from life is fighting a lost battle, and a sure way to ultimate frustration. Because we see life and death as opposites instead of as polarities, we've become afraid. It sounds strange, but death is part of life. Life-death, death included, the whole phenomenon. Death is a blessing in disguise, it gives meaning to our being alive. It makes us sincere, and it makes life very much alive!


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