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Individual responsibility goes hand in hand with the principle of individual freedom. In business, this is called empowerment: passing responsibilities down the corporate hierarchical line, and giving employees the freedom to do what they consider best! This seems to work a lot better than telling people what to do. Give people freedom, even the freedom to make mistakes, and they respond by taking a natural responsibility. In freedom we blossom, in freedom the best comes out.

Why is empowerment sometimes difficult for management? Because you need to trust people if you are to pass responsibilities down without monitoring your subordinates with suspicious eyes! Without trust, management may not pass responsibilities down, but pass the responsibility for mistakes down! A mistake is made, maybe because of unclear communication between management and lowerlevel employees, and now the manager doesn't take responsibility but holds his subordinates responsible. Instead of holding someone responsible after the fact, pass responsibility down before the fact! That is the idea of empowerment. But it cannot be done without trust in the individual.

Individual freedom and responsibility

Individuals are responsible for their own lives, but we have paradigms that do not allow us that freedom. Individual freedom and responsibility go together though: if we want responsible individuals, we will have to give them freedom. Conversely, if we take freedom away from the individual, that avenges itself in irresponsible individuals.

Making drugs illegal has resulted in violence and criminal organizations and overpopulated prisons. Millions of dollars are spent waging a war on drugs. Why can't we give individuals responsibility for their own lives, even if that means taking drugs? In our society people do what they want anyway, whether something is legal or not. Why not give the individual his freedom? Give the individual freedom, and he will realize his responsibility. Taking away the individual's responsibility induces irresponsible, criminal, and violent behavior. Naturally, the individual rebels.


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