E-book - Spontaneity - Free of fear

Being identified

Being identified with body, mind, feelings, and consciousness, death becomes daunting. Identification has put us in an impossible and unacceptable situation. Identification means that you are convinced that you are going to die. You understand yourself as something relative. You may hope for a continuation of yourself after death, or maybe you believe that with death all is finished. Or, you may brush the subject aside, saying that you just don't know. But these solutions are not very satisfying. You are left in insecurity, since you cannot avoid the prospect of dying.

Identification brings fear to your heart. Being identified, we become afraid of death. We do not see death as a natural phenomenon, we are not at ease with it. And being afraid of death, we live life tentatively. Life becomes problematic because death is not separate from life. It's like playing tennis and being afraid to lose. Your play will be inhibited, it won't flow naturally. You cannot live naturally, because you have tightened up.

Untroubled and free

Humanity will not be more advanced, but more evolved if we can live without fear. Growing beyond fear, there will be a new humanity, its gestalt will be completely different. It will not be the old humanity with a few changes here and there. Take fear out of the human heart, and a human being is no longer the same.

Understanding your absolute nature, you can accept the totality of being human, you can accept even that you will die. Once you have stopped laying claim to life and consciousness you relax in consciousness, you relax in life. You are free of fear, not because you are invulnerable, but because fear has been weeded from the very root.

What kind of society do you think fear will produce? We are afraid of intimacy, afraid of being open. And this is reflected in society, we create borders, we become protective. We become motivated by fear, we are not responding naturally to life. Society will change when individuals will find a new relaxation in life. Free of fear, we'll have a more sensitive and humane society. If we want a different world to live in, we will need to look into life so deeply that it removes the very bedrock of fear.

When there is no fear, you open up to life, you do not dissociate from it at all. Quite the opposite, you will find that you are naturally associated with all of life. You are right in the middle of life, and yet completely free. Identification is being protective, being 'naturally associated' is like breathing in, smelling flowers, listening to rain, looking out over the ocean, living without the idea of separation. We exist to live freely. To live, not tentatively, but with an open heart, untroubled and free.


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