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Plants don't naturally need chlorine

You may live in a society that waters plants with chlorine to make them grow. However, that would be a practice based on a fake, or false principle. Plants don't naturally need chlorine to grow. It is not a natural, true, or correct principle. But maybe you know nothing about gardening and you've just accepted the common belief as if it were a correct principle.

Now in this mad society plants are not doing very well, and even though people do notice that, they've never linked the fake principle of chlorine to the sorry state of the plants. They've experimented with different soil, bigger flowerpots, talking to plants, chanting, and sometimes there seems to be a modest improvement in the condition of the plants. And when that happens, everyone is filled with hope.

Though when it's time to harvest, we all know that this is not the crop we expected from life. Something fundamental seems to be wrong. And we don't really want to raise the issue because everyone has been trying so hard; we have done our very best. We prefer to look the other way, and we avoid or deny the obvious truth of the matter. It just seems to be a little too painful and embarrassing to bring it up again.

Sunlight and water

There are fake principles that we may have accepted as genuine principles. And because they are fake principles, not true and natural, they may not have done us a lot of good. Natural principles, by contrast, have a completely different effect: plants grow, and grow strong with sunlight and water. These principles of Freedom may not be what society believes in at this moment in time, but they are natural principles. Natural principles need no proof, ask your plants!


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