E-book - Alive Silence - Beyond Thought

I am conscious, therefor I am

You are not conscious because you think. You can think, and learn to think, because you are conscious in the very first place. This is why Descartes' idea 'I think, therefor I am', is incorrect. The actual situation is 'I am conscious, therefor I am'. You are conscious, therefor you are.

Silent awareness

When we are born, we do not yet know how to think. A baby is born with silent awareness in its brain. A baby is conscious long before he or she learns to think. The first few months of our existence we do not think to ourselves, there is no inner dialogue. Thinking comes later. And while it is human to think, it is in the nature of consciousness to be silent. But we haven't known ourselves as consciousness. The paradigm of the human being has turned us into compulsive thinkers. We don't know how to stop anymore. Our thought process is out of control. We don't remember the joy and simplicity of silence in our brain: alive silence, conscious silence.

Confusion is not our natural state

The human being is a thinking animal. Thanks to our thinking, our use of concepts, we can do incredible things. Thinking is our number one strength. Thinking is humanity's main tool, and it's powerful. It is what a hammer is to a carpenter: he can do many wonderful things with it, and he uses it all the time. The hammer is extremely valuable and functional; it is essential to him. Yet it would be very strange if he would never to let go of his hammer again, if he would take it to bed and into the shower, not even letting go of it while making love... However, with our tool called thinking we do just that, we think all the time. Thinking has become a cult, it is out of proportion. Thinking has become an addiction.

Confusion is not our natural state. A baby is not confused. We are born with an untroubled mind, no conflicting ideas and beliefs in our minds, no ideas at all. We are naturally clear, not naturally confused. Confusion is manmade. Confusion is a state that we hype ourselves into, we are not born confused, we don't wake up confused. Confusion means that we are stuck in a world of concepts. Simply looking into life there is no confusion, but tangled up in concepts we become confused. Incessant thinking has confused us. We are restless, not at peace, always fidgeting. Thoughts are constantly running through our minds.

Paradigm Shifting:
From Thought to Conscious Silence

This paradigm-shift is a shift beyond paradigms, from thought to conscious silence. Moving beyond thought and paradigms. Leaving conceptual understanding behind and shifting into immediate understanding, without mediation of thoughts and concepts. Understanding through direct intelligence, direct perception.


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