E-book - Clarity - Answers are not the answer

A search for clarity

How can I be happy? What is the meaning of all this? Is this all there is? What should I do? What is the world coming to? Why is this happening? Who am I, really? What is true, what is truth?

All questions, in essence, are a search for clarity. So many answers have been given and it doesn't seem to help much. Why? Because all questions, true questions, can be answered only by clarity, by understanding. Answers don't help much, answers create confusion. One answer says one thing, another answer says something else. Now whom to believe, what to believe? Questions cannot be answered by answers. You want clarity, not thousands of answers. In clarity you have no doubts, you are not secondguessing. In clarity it is absurd to question and doubt. Clarity is knowing, you know for sure. It is very simple, very direct. Like when we save a child from being run over by a truck in the nick of time: we don't first discuss it with the neighborhood. Even the neighborhood in our mind seems to be in agreement and remains surprisingly quiet.

Clarity is the first principle of freedom because all questions ask for clarity. Getting clear, not getting answers, that's the first principle. Why seek clarity? This question almost answers itself: answers by themselves are not satisfying and are bound to lead you into confusion. You need clarity, you need individual and authentic understanding. If you are confused, if you still have questions, look for clarity. Answers won't do, not if you want authentic freedom. Realize that you are really looking for clarity, not another answer! Unless there's clarity, your questions haven't truly been answered.

Paradigm Shifting:
From Information to Understanding

The paradigm-shift here is from information, from knowledge, to understanding. Making the move from the information-age to the age of understanding.

Knowledge is information, and you can get it from everywhere. Understanding is individual and qualitatively different. Knowledge you forget easily, but understanding never leaves you. Knowledge, conceptual understanding, is a beginning, it is not a complete understanding. You haven't integrated your understanding, you are looking on from a distance, you are not involved with your whole being. True understanding is not merely conceptual, it is your life, you breathe it.


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7 Principles
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Principles and Paradigms

1. Clarity
- Answers are not the answer
Preconceptions and beliefs
Individuality, Authenticity, Sincerity
The Naturally Essential

2. Unicity
3. Innocence
4. Consciousness
5. Alive Silence
6. Truth
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